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The Unbreakable's

The Unbreakable's

Working on both physical and mental well being to achieve a state of mind that can overcome all of the obstacles that life throws at us

Warriors of Wellbeing

Warriors of Wellbeing

Join Toby and Rose as they take your young people on a journey of self discovery. A journey which will build character, understand why they react a certain way to certain situations and along the way have alot of fun

Kids Boxercise Awards

Kids Boxercise Awards

non contact but still all the fun of boxing. These programmes - Bronze - Silver - Gold - Young leader will see your child grow in boxing understanding, motor skills and great values such as communication and discipline.

CEO & Founder

Hi and thanks for visiting, my name is Daryl Chambers and i have developed the services of this business with a real hope that each young person that takes part in a InPower programme or workshop will leave with a real understanding of personal empowerment
Daryl Chambers

Daryl Chambers

CEO & Founder

InPower Academy CEO and founder



InPower Academy was born from a dream, a dream of a place where young people regardless of there situation, circumstance or community THEY CAN BE GREAT. in a time where young people are under pressure from the world on who they should be and alot of pre conceived thoughts about what they can achieve, young people need help. They need help on self identity, self belief and self asteem, here at InPower we have programmes that engage with young people and take them on a journey of personal empowerment and have a great time doing so. We engage using martial arts as a vehicle, not just dealing with the physical element but also the mental side as we attach various values that would be typically seen in eastern approaches to martial arts. We use Mixed Martial Arts as our engagement vehicle. A sport which is extremely popular with young people, but there are barriers to the sport mainly location and price. We do not believe there should be barriers to sport. So we offer the sport and attach values that will build character and values with young people . We specialise in work with young people with behavioural issues and are unmotivated at the present time. These are the young people we know we can best reach, that being said we know that all young people at times need to kick-start there own journey to personal empowerment and we at InPower Academy will work with any young person and will make a difference

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not one, but we have been nominated for two FSB Awards :0 😀 This really is a huge achievement for the company and for myself (sometimes i forget we are separate haha) but we have been nominated for the FSB Awards in the West Midlands for Community Business of the year Young Entrepreneur of the […]

Measure what matters and Resilience matters!

  There has been a lot of talk of recent times about Resilience and how young people especially need to do more activities and set themselves up to be more resilient in now and later life This has even been highlighted by Ofsted in recent years and it shows that even on a government level, they see […]