We use Martial Arts a vehicle for self improvement so that all young people can realise there true potential

The Unbreakables

KS3 AND KS4 development programme

The Warriors of Wellbeing

Ks2 developmental program 

Kids Boxercise Awards

Our bronze, Silver and Gold award in Boxercise


We at InPower Academy help young people realise and achieve there potential regardless of circumstance,enviroment or current standing its never to late to show young people how great they can be

Martial arts is our vehicle for self improvent, through pratical workshops and eastern focused philiosphopy we instill martial arts values into every young person who comes into contact with a InPower programme


Mental discipline through sustained training

Chance to meet and intergrate with others from different backgrounds and share a common interest that can form life long friendships

Not resistant to changing circumstances in life due to martial arts principles and the philosophy of change

Improved fitness 

Improved confidence

Improved communication skills

programs ranging across key stage 2, 3 and 4

Our personal development programes are designed to show students their potential through Martial arts pratical workshops and philosophy focused training

These programmes are intervantional in nature but we prefer to look at them as personal development with a intraspective look from the partiicpants point on there value and what leads you to believe certain aspects about yourself or enviroment

Our program has proven impact with behavioural incidents decreasing in over 88% of the young people that we engage with

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We have prided ourselves on always delivering a proffesional and reliable service to all who we partner with

Our organization was built on the strong belief that each young person deserves the chance to not just hear how great they can be, but also be shown how great they can be

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