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One of our programs which we combine detached youth work and outreach work to provide a outdoor engaging and safe environment for young people

About Us

The InPower Movement

We focus on equipping young people with the neccesary tools to build on their own empowerment journey. Our vehicle for self improvement is a unique blend of the philsophical side of eastern martial arts and the pratical delivery of physical activity sessions. A blend which has seen a increase in engagement and retention of young people that take part in what we do 

“What we do is more than an organisation providing a service, we see ourselves as a movement of empowerment and want to see this positive movement grow and spread across the city and region.”

Daryl Chambers

CEO, InPower Academy CIC

Our Programmes

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Early Intervention programes

Early intervention programmes that take place within schools both primary and secondary 

F.Y.T Clubs

our community open access sessions for young people aged 12 – 18 

Online Delivery

our new online engagement includes mentoring, online classes and even gaming tournaments 

Why Choose Us

We equip young people with the tools to start their journey of self empowerment

A team of deliverers who are experts within their chosen fields, we have mentors, community providers and instructors all who believe in the mission of empowerment and know it takes one positive conversation and one positive intervention to steer the course of someones lives. So we vow to treat each individual as if they can be a difference maker within this world, because guess what…… they can 


Benefiets of martial arts


positive endorphones released by physical activity provide a more energised you

Strength Building

Building on lean muscle gain through training

Stress Relief

a form of stress and tension relief through focus pad work or skill learning

Relax & Refresh

develop with other like minded individuals also on the journey of self transformation 

Beauty of Body

improved self esteem 

Mind & Soul

the connection between the two can be shown and proven  through training and discussion

Meet Our Team

Daryl Chambers

Daryl Chambers


founder and CEO of InPower Academy CIC

Monique Bromfield

Monique Bromfield

Detatched youth Worker

Member of our street detatched youth work team. Get to know more 

Joshua Burke

Joshua Burke

detatched youth worker

member of our street detatched youth work team. Get to know more 


What People Are Saying

“Daryll and InPower delivered an excellent Introduction to MMA programme at Halesowen College. Over 8 weeks Daryll proved himself to be a knowledgeable and approachable instructor with just the right attitude and temperament for delivering to 16-19 year olds. 

Jim Clements

Head of P.E , Halesowen College

“InPower delivered a assembly for us and are always on hand to motivate and inspire students and i can say firsthand that the students are evidently more motivated after a InPower delivery

Natalie Reynolds

Deputy Headteacher, Moreton School

i lacked discipline when it came to my attitude and work ethic. I took part in a InPower mentoring programe and felt better with myself and wanted to achieve more. One of the key takeaways is gratitude 


Young Mentee

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Black Lives Matter Official press release

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Covid-19 has hit us all in many ways for example, financially, emotionally, and mentally   Personally, I have struggled emotionally and mentally as I am so used to doing things like shopping or going to the gym, working with my colleagues and most of all visiting...

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