? Make Discipline Great Again ?

by Daryl.C on October 28th, 2019

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Make Discipline Great Again

Ask any child about their attitude towards the word “discipline” (and we do), you’ll often get answers like the following:

Don’t like it
Stops me doing fun stuff

For our youth, discipline is a dirty word. It’s a restraint. A restriction on their sense of freedom.

Discipline is seen as a chore, competing for their time against something more fun. Why study for their tests when they can scroll through their Instagram feed? Why concentrate in class, when it’s more fun to mess around? Why get up when it’s easier to lie-in?

Their understanding is clear. It’s Discipline VERSUS Freedom.

Presented in such black-and-white terms, you can understand why teachers often face a battle to motivate their students in class... 

And there’s a second element to the problem. 

Beyond seeing discipline as a chore, many of the worst-performing students see things even more negatively. Discipline is a punishment.

A student displaying consistent challenging-behaviour is “disciplined” by receiving a detention. 

As figures of authority, we understand discipline as a verb. Something we do. Something they, the children, receive.

⛔️ These are tragic misunderstandings ⛔️

Let me explain:

Discipline hasn’t always been a dirty word. Many of our ancient and most successful cultures have held discipline as one of the highest moral virtues. Something sacred.


Discipline wasn’t seen as a reactive action. Not something to punish a mistake or disobedience. Not something to be forced on people, but something to be cultivated from within. 

Self-discipline. Self-mastery.

Our youth suffer from this tragic misconception. They understand everything about the use of discipline as a punishment or chore... but nothing of its power as a method of self-transformation. 

And that is one of the greatest repercussions of the lack of Martial Arts training in schools.

Martial Arts introduces the concept of cultivating inner-discipline, and fosters a respect for the benefits this can bring.

Unfortunately, most of our youth today are completely unaware of this principle. As a result, they only understand discipline as something external. Something belonging to society, teachers, parents. Not something which can ever belong to them, just something imposed on them.

There’s no motivation in it, because they have no participation in it. 

BUT, when our kids practise a Martial Art, they’re not just enjoying the physical benefits of a normal exercise program. They are actively cultivating an understanding of inner-discipline. Something that belongs to them. Not forced on them by figures of authority. 

And when our kids make this realisation... when the penny drops that discipline can be something they own. Something that gives them a chance at a better quality of life… the spark inside them has been lit. You literally see it in their eyes, and as a Coach, there’s honestly nothing more awesome! 

The practises of Martial Arts & reflective Journaling are tools InPower offer to help kids regulate their emotions. 

These tools provide an alternative. It means our students no longer default to challenging behaviour as coping mechanisms. Coping mechanisms for negative emotions they struggle to process. 

Through Martial Arts, our youth can find the motivation to be disciplined. Through Martial Arts, they can grow to understand the benefits a path of self-mastery can bring to their lives. 

We cannot continue to offer kids a choice between freedom and discipline, and expect them to choose the latter. We have to look at the root causes. We have to shift their mindsets; help them understand that, far from restricting their freedom…

Discipline IS Freedom

I know… it can be hard to teach them that in a classroom. 

But at InPower, many of our students come to us with concerning school behavioural or attendance records. Motivation and discipline are definitely not high on their list of priorities..!

But we understand that a major root cause in this challenging behaviour, is an inability to emotionally-process complex issues in their personal lives.

Couple this with a misunderstanding of the true nature of discipline, and it’s no wonder these kids are falling behind.

So we offer them a better alternative, through the cultivation of Self-Discipline.

We offer programs throughout the Midlands, blending the tools of Martial Arts & self-reflection through journaling.

These practises nurture an understanding of how discipline provides the first steps to a better life.

Our participants discover that they already have the keys inside them to unlocking a better life. An inner-superpower to blast through obstacles in their way. A way of harnessing and regulating difficult emotions, instead of allowing them to spill over; ruin relationships, get them into trouble or compromise their academic & financial success.

THAT’S where they find the motivation to be disciplined. 

We firmly believe that self-discipline is a life skill to serve them long after they have completed their 12 weeks on our program. 

? This is an instrument to become the best versions of themselves ?

Look, we know we can’t change the fact that many of our students haven’t had the best start in life. But we CAN empower them to have better lives, regardless. 

We can offer them the keys to self-mastery. We can offer them self-discipline as the path to financial & personal freedom.

These practises are tools for these kids to take ownership of themselves; to take ownership of their negative emotions. 

And these are the first, very humble steps towards taking ownership of their lives.

⚜️ Teaching them they are not the victims of their circumstances, but the HEROES of their own stories ⚜️

Make (Self) Discipline Great Again.

Thanks for reading. 


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  1. Boxing was the best thing that ever happened to me. If i hadn’t got into it as a kid, no idea where i would’ve ended up !

  2. Thanks for sharing! I also owe a huge amount to Martial Arts training, as do many of the coaches at InPower 🙂 . We will keep spreading the word so more and more children & teenagers across the UK have access too!

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