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Daryl Chambers Young Entrepreneur of the year FSB Awards

by Daryl.C on February 25th, 2019

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So as my well-placed picture has given away, I had an incredible night at the FSB Awards which took place at the Mariott Hotel Forest of Arden which was a beautiful location

Other than the location the whole set up was set up great and was my first FSB event of any nature. Onto the awards, and our award was not on the agenda until after lunch. The first award of the night went to International business of the year and was won by KMP Marine who's owner Jules Morgan was sitting next to me on the table. A huge congratulations to a great person with a great company, as he returned he joked about how we had the winning table, i laughed but really the pressure was on now haha :l

Daryl Chambers of InPower Academy CIC and Jules Morgan of KPM Marine

So to fast forward to our first award nomination which was the Young Entrepreneur of the Year. In this award category were two other young entrepreneurs who in their own right were great young entrepreneur's, but there only could be one

I found out just before that a lady named Sarah who was also on my table, was to be announcing the young entrepreneur of the year, so after i paid her to say i won the award THATS A JOKE !!!!!

So Sarah stepped up and said the winner is........ DARYL CHAMMMBBEEERSSSS WOW WOW WOW

what an incredible recognition and achievement, just to be nominated and to win means so very much to me

Sarah Windrum presenting Daryl Chambers his Young Entrepreneur of the year award

The second Award was our community Business Award. To cut a long story short we did not win this one but it went to a great organization. This one would have been great for the company and would have been dedicated to all the team and community that supported the dream from the start, but we can save that for another award ;)

What does the award mean to me alot, sometimes recognition does go a long way But it shows something bigger than that, it shows i live what I speak. What do I mean??? wait for the vlog post and I will explain in greater detail on why this means a lot to me

Thank you all for the support a huge thank you to FSB and now we get to go to the finals in May :D lets hope Sarah is announcing again .

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