About Us

InPower Academy was born from an idea that young people, regardless of their situation, circumstance or community, believe they can be great.

Encouraging personal empowerment is at the heart of InPower Academy

Our overall mission is to connect with young people and provide them important life-skills such as determination, resilience and self-belief. All of which can help them facilitate their own personal empowerment journey.

We believe that self-empowerment gives us all the permission to believe but we need input, support and guidance to ensure that objective is met, which is why we have made it our mission to positively impact the lives of as many young people as possible.

We use mixed martial arts as our primary engagement vehicle

MMA is a sport which is extremely popular with young people and comes with huge benefits which include improving confidence, improving focus and concentration, maintaining a positive mind-set and relieving stress.

InPower Academy delivers programmes that use MMA as a tool to engage its participants. We do this in an environment that is local to participants and also fun, friendly and encouraging. Our programmes provide the right blend of theory and practical whilst promoting positive emotional development.


The positive impact of our programmes


One of our foundational pillars is that of belief in ones self. We show the value of this and also deliver on why everyone has reason to believe in themselves.

Mind and Body

The mind and body are interconnected and we discuss and educate on how your mind can further your bodies capabilities and vice versa.


A team that uses meditation in various ways from the traditional incense burning or to box breathing we teach relaxation technique and tips.


We all believe in being the role models of our community and to young people. Our mentoring service takes this a level further with a bespoke take to mentoring to help young people achieve goals and have someone to confine in

Behavioural Change

Positive behavioural change is paramount within our programmes. We measure this on some of our programmes but the real behavioural change comes from seeing the growth of a young person


Reflection on the journey of life, when we look back we can identify times or reoccurring times in which we have performed at our optimal performance level. we teach reflection on these times and gratitude in the light of this.