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Our range of services have been structured with the child first approach we focus on addressing the need of young people and then add our unique engaging element of theory and pratical martial arts to develop a impactful delivery for the young people that take part 

The Unbreakable’s

Our most delivered and most requested program for delivery. Our Unbreakable programe is a early intervention programe delivered within secondary schools that takes young people on a 12 week journey of transformation using martial arts theory and practical to achieve this feat

The Warriors of Wellbeing

Our primary school secondary programme who see two fictional characters guide the young people through 12 sessions of self discovery and a real focus on emotional intelligence. Martial arts is the tool but self exploration is where the greatest strength lies

Detached Youth Work

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Detached youth work is a new avenue of our engagement strategy and it involves our street team being on the streets and engaging with young people in areas across Wolverhampton. 

F.Y.T Club

our FYT club stands for Find Your Truth and these are our open access session that last from 4-6 across Wolverhampton. These are in place to give young people something to do outside of school wether the something to do be lear martial arts or take part in accredited learning, we facilitate that

Early Intervention Programmes

Our Early intervention programmes are the cornerstone of what we deliver. School plays such a key part in a life of every individual with a persona spending over 50,000 hours in education, its imperative that we build soft skills and develop the young person holistically aswell as academically. Our early interventions services work alongside the principles and values of schools as-well as character building values that take their origin in eastern culture. This had provided many positive experiences and this could be in your school next

We’ve saw a 66% decrease in behavioural incidents after taking part in one of our intervention programmes in 2020


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How You Can Get Involved

We have a community driven approach and also welcome voluntary assistance along the way 

Youth Volunteer Program

We have youth volunteering program that we can attached accredited or non accredited learning to. It is tailored to the needs, requirements and wants of the young person and we aim to give as much as they give to us with time and effort

Corporate Sponsor Program

If you are apart of own a corporate organisation and would like to sponsor one of our programs or get involved for a one off please let us know as we have many programs

Community Leaders

You care about your community, you want to make a change but dont know where to start? we offer a chance for people like yourselves to get involved in voluntary assistance, full training and required checks are provided by InPower Academy CIC 

Online Delivery

we adapted to the changes around the world with programmes for young people soley online and aim to keep engagement channels open for young people 

weather you want to train, listen or connect we are here for you 

Online Martial Arts

We have a delivery of online classes and live streams which are cenetred around general fitness and marital arts. We have instructors that have won titles on a world level deliver and will put you through your paces in our online delivery for a full breakdown click below


Youth Mentoring

It has been widely spoken about on the media and identified at the local level of how young people might be struggling through this time and have noone to speak to. We just want to say we are here and any young person who wants to speak in a formal or informal capacity please do each out to us

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