by Daryl.C on February 3rd, 2019

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not one, but we have been nominated for two FSB Awards :0 :D

This really is a huge achievement for the company and for myself (sometimes i forget we are separate haha) but we have been nominated for the FSB Awards in the West Midlands for
  • Community Business of the year
  • Young Entrepreneur of the year
Both incredible feats to make it with the nominees listed and on February the 15th we find out if we or i have won any of the awards But to finish with, this is all down to the support of the community and supporters in real life and online ( i find it hard to separate them as well haha) but without all of you the business wouldn't be running and that is a fact So stay tuned for our blog covering the awards night and in the meantime wish me luck  and email FSB about how great InPower are please, i joke of course ;)
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