by Daryl.C on November 25th, 2019

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I am currently a secondary school student in my last year of school studying Ethical Studies, History and Drama. At school I have had the privilege of being Head Girl, this title to me means that I am devoted to the school and its mission.

I am mainly focused on directing and guiding my peers yo make the right choices and to ensure their school life and personal life is lived to the utmost. Next year I will be going onto Sixth form, my career goal is to work in Law

Despite great times now, it took a while to get to this position. Earlier in school, i found myself acting up and getting into constant trouble which alot was down to me lacking confidence. It wasn't until i joined InPower that i realized that I wanted to make a better life for myself and that i was better than how i was behaving.

I believe that with support anyone and everyone can change, my aim is to be a better person every day. I now aspire to be a role model to others and help make a better society

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