Kids Boxercise Awards

      Kids Boxercise Awards Wolverhampton 

if you were looking for a fun and engaging activity for your child, then you have found the right program
we know it can be hard to find an activity that will hold the interest of your child (especially when there are so many online games that seem to interest for hours ) But during our kid’s boxercise awards we aim to do exactly that
with an award system that allows progression from
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Young leader
there are always new skills and talents to develop for your child and the constant state of progression keeps them young person engaged through attainment of a higher level in awards but also self-improvement
Boxercise Awards
the Sport of boxercise is a combination of boxing and fitness which gives them all the fundamentals of a sport without the contact aspect. We learn the eight punches of the boxing system and footwork drills to become sufficient at the Sport of boxing while making friends and developing that inner confidence that is vital for young people at any age
On top of the exciting physical activity which is not repetitive in nature, we also have fun games that combine teamwork and problem-solving, which will see your child develop key core skills and make friends along the way
as much as it is fun we hope to build skills and traits for young people of these ages, values that will allow them to be there best, not just in Boxercise but in school and home also ( we can’t promise they will tidy there room though )
We have two programmes starting in October 2018 at the following locations:

Tettenhall College




(Registration closed) 

Days and times: 10th November

Every Saturday

11am - 12pm
our second location is below


Hobnock Road



WV11 2RF


Days and times: 5th November 

Every Monday ( Registration closed)
Every Thursday ( Registration open until Jan 7th 2019)

6pm - 7pm
want to see what we are about in the video please check out

Kids Boxercise video link  

if any of these are local and you want your child to get involved you can book your place today, please note spaces are limited so book now to secure your place
To sign up for this programme please email
or call