Lets show, rather than tell

by Daryl.C on February 2nd, 2019

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This is one of the first concepts i make sure all people that participate on the programme we deliver in schools know. Our programmes are very much so self transformation, all we do is provide the tools and let you know  and then show you how they can change your life if you do implement them also

But the key phrase within that sentence is that definitely show, the first lesson we do is all around goal setting and how setting goals get you focused and help you reach great accomplishments. Now thats great and is very true but they have probably heard a motivational speech by Jim Carey or Tony Robbins on Youtube that can articulate the rationale of goal setting ( if you haven't saw them talk about goal setting you are missing out ) but the resource i can give them is my experience and then let them experience it all within the first session and that lesson alone can be life changing for a young person and even a adult 

Imagine having no exposure to the power of goal setting and thinking your potential has peaked and then BAM !! i show you straight away that in fact your potential is higher than it could ever be

We do it in a physical activity format to get this point across, but there are many ways in which you can re enforce your message rather than just telling some examples may be the following 

- Statement : You should eat more healthy  Show: See how much better you feel after eating less sugar and salty foods you will visibly have more energy

Statement : Wake up early stop being Lazy Show: Getting up earlier will allow that time in the morning to get things accomplished ( even take a step further and measure deep sleep over a period of time and see how it improves with a routine when sleeping) 

even reward charts are a reinforcement and encouragement of a good behaviour even though be careful as you do not want what is seeked to be external. Its time to start showing people how to do things let not be "preachy" but instead lets understand that showing people how they can achieve or overcome is a better way of allowing them to have sustained personal growth 

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