Measure what matters and Resilience matters!

by Daryl.C on February 3rd, 2019

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There has been a lot of talk of recent times about Resilience and how young people especially need to do more activities and set themselves up to be more resilient in now and later life This has even been highlighted by Ofsted in recent years and it shows that even on a government level, they see the need for resilience

But what is resilience you ask ? and people may give various insights and answers to that question but to summarise it i would say being resilient is being able to great deal with the challenges and adversity that life will hand us at some point. Most people would answer it is the ability to bounce back but i dont necessarily agree with that terminology, as the ability to bounce back is not exactly what resilience represents in my eyes, it's something we should practice and build on in every day life and not have to arise just when facing adversity ( my long winded way of not agreeing with the bounce back narrative ) 

We added Resilience at the forefront of our educational intervention programmes at the start of the 2018 academic year, this came after a conversation with Mark Hart and he was discussing a measurement scale of Resilience called the CD-RISC which i will speak about soon, but he spoke about how being resilient really is the key ass setbacks happen to everyone and not everyone has built the skills through life to handle the situation and regress because of this. After that conversation i launched a full scale research into resilience and the different studies that had been done and i was already aware of the increase in mental health issues with young people and the problems they face and thought wow.... resilience is the key and the great part was we already developed two programmes that touched on them but i planned to consciously add it to the programmes much more



Previously Self - Asteem is what we tracked at the beginning and at the end of the programme i had already spoke to Mark about the measurement scale known as CD-RISC and once looking into it and saw the extensive research that has formed the manual and questions we signed up and were accepted and so far have had 110 young people document there score and really answer questions that show where there resilience is currently. We aim to track it and believe that with the values we work on in each session we will have them able to answer the questions knowing they can be more resilient 

 By doing this we are setting them up for the inevitable challenges the universe throws at us but hopefully when they arise they can look back and say " Ha i have done InPower's Unbreakable programme, this is nothing " 

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