Our Unbreakable programme based on a lie ? :o

by Daryl.C on September 2nd, 2018

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Firstly thank you all that believed that our Unbreakable programme introduced in April 2018, would allow their students to feel better and by doing so act better, in and outside of school But I must start with the fact that the title of unbreakable is a lie, yes it is a big lie that we can make the students of your school or community unbreakable, both physically and mentally But it is not just a lie, it is a beautiful lie as becoming Unbreakable is not about not feeling anything, on the contrary we teach that you must allow yourself to feel emotion both good and bad and then evaluate and document your feelings and do more of what makes you feel good and less of what makes you feel bad It is that simple, but the unbreakable term really comes from being able to cope with life and not becoming broke because of the obstacles and uphill struggles we as humans have to overcome. We develop these young people and give strategies in order for them to know that fine unbreakableĀ no matter how big the problem and how hard they get knocked down there always is a way up and that is how we
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