Primary School Students become Warriors

by Daryl.C on September 2nd, 2018

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What a great programme we had with a select number of students from Trinity C OF E Primary School in Wolverhampton The students were selected to join our two Warriors that you can see in the logo TOBY & ROSE And along with the warriors, we saw the young people develop confidence through games that required them to believe in themselves. Teamwork drills that made sure they all came together for a common goal and overall fun time Although the programme was engaging and fun it was great to see them reflect and also to delve into the mind of young people as they tried to work through personal challenges such as giving up Fortnight for 3 days haha But on a serious note, we had a great time delivering and the teachers saw a noticeable change in the students that really embodied what the programme was about And in the next Academic term, we will be rolling this programme out for schools in the Black Country. If you want an information pack please email us at
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