F.Y.T Club

by Daryl.C on May 13th, 2021

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Welcome to the F.Y.T Club (Find Your Truth), an exceptional community initiative designed to make a lasting impact in the lives of young people across Wolverhampton. Our strategically located satellite sessions are carefully positioned in areas that have unfortunately become synonymous with high levels of youth anti-social behavior. These communities often face socio-economic challenges and lack the necessary resources for positive youth development.

At F.Y.T Club, our mission is to create a transformative experience for young people, providing them with a range of invaluable opportunities and outcomes:

Creating a positive and safe space: We understand the importance of fostering an environment where young people can thrive. F.Y.T Club offers a secure and nurturing space, free from judgment and negativity. Here, they can engage with positive peer groups, forge meaningful connections, and build supportive relationships. We believe that by providing a structured and empowering environment, we can redirect their focus away from negative influences and inspire them to explore their full potential.

Guidance from trusted mentors: Our dedicated mentors play a pivotal role in the F.Y.T Club sessions. They serve as trusted adults who genuinely care about the well-being and growth of each young person. Prior to the activities, mentors initiate group discussions, encouraging young people to express themselves, de-stress, and mentally prepare for the session ahead. Throughout the session, mentors provide guidance, support, and a listening ear whenever needed. Their presence ensures that every participant feels valued and heard.

Pathways to positive futures: F.Y.T Club believes in offering young people diverse pathways to realize their potential and embark on a journey of personal growth. One such pathway is our youth leadership and social action program, empowering young individuals to become agents of positive change within their communities. Through voluntary service, they develop essential leadership skills and actively contribute to community development projects. Additionally, F.Y.T Club offers a pathway within the martial arts realm, where young people can progress through our comprehensive belt system. With the ultimate goal of attaining their black belt, they learn discipline, focus, and perseverance. For those interested in showcasing their skills, we provide opportunities for skill bouts and exhibitions, allowing them to gain confidence and demonstrate their achievements.

At F.Y.T Club, we are committed to eliminating any barriers that may hinder a young person's participation. Therefore, all our sessions are completely free of charge, ensuring that financial constraints do not limit their access to these life-changing experiences. Moreover, our classes are led by professional fighters from esteemed organizations, serving as powerful role models. Their expertise in martial arts and their journey of personal growth inspire and motivate young people to excel both on and off the mats.

To learn more about the F.Y.T Club and discover the nearest session in your area, please feel free to reach out to us at k.gough@inpower.co.uk or d.chambers@inpower.co.uk. Together, we can embark on a transformative journey of empowerment and positive community impact, guiding young people to find their truth and embrace their full potential.