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by inpower on July 2nd, 2023

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Welcome to InPLay Gaming, a grassroots esports organization dedicated to empowering young people through gaming. Our mission is to use gaming as a positive vehicle to engage and empower young people through educational workshops for both parents and young people, competitive gaming, and free community gaming sessions.

At InPLay Gaming, we believe that gaming can be a powerful tool for learning and personal development. We offer educational workshops for parents and young people that explore the positive aspects of gaming and provide insights on how to manage the potential negative effects. Our workshops cover topics such as responsible gaming, online safety, and mental health.

We also offer competitive gaming opportunities for young people, with a focus on fair play and sportsmanship. Our competitions are designed to be inclusive and accessible to all skill levels. We believe that through competition, young people can develop valuable skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

In addition to our workshops and competitions, we also host free community gaming session days. These events are open to everyone and are designed to provide a safe and welcoming space for young people to connect with others who share their passion for gaming.

At InPLay Gaming, we are committed to promoting the positive aspects of gaming while also taking care of our own well-being. We believe that gaming can be a force for good, but it is important to do so respectfully and with consideration for our own mental and physical health.

Join us in our mission to bring the power of gaming to young people in a safe and responsible way. Together, we can create a community where gaming is used as a tool for personal development and positive change.