Warriors Of Wellbeing

by Daryl.C on May 13th, 2021

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Welcome to Warriors of Wellbeing, an engaging and transformative program designed specifically for primary school young people. Our program focuses on building resilience and improving self-esteem while equipping them with practical social-emotional skills and regulation strategies.

At our core, Warriors of Wellbeing believes that education can be fun and impactful. We understand that when young people enjoy the learning process, they are more likely to internalize the messages and apply them to their lives. With this in mind, our program ensures a balance between learning and enjoyment, creating an environment where young individuals actively participate and engage in each session.

Over the course of 12 weeks, our young participants embark on a captivating journey facilitated by our current warriors, Toby, Rose, and the newly added Yasuke. Each week, they encounter various problems, questions, and scenarios that serve as catalysts for meaningful discussions. Together, as Warriors of Wellbeing, we explore different perspectives and share our insights on how we would approach each situation. This interactive and collaborative approach encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and empathy among the young participants.

To enhance the learning experience and promote self-reflection, we incorporate the use of story journals. Throughout the Warriors of Wellbeing program, young individuals document their personal journey, thoughts, and experiences in their story journals. We provide them with various journaling techniques, including art journaling, free script journaling, and guided journaling. These creative outlets enable them to express themselves, reflect on their progress, and develop a deeper understanding of their emotions and actions.

Warriors of Wellbeing offers an engaging and holistic journey for young people, combining interactive discussions, creative journaling, and practical strategies for building resilience and improving self-esteem. We believe in the power of this program to empower young individuals, boost their confidence, and equip them with essential life skills.

To learn more about how Warriors of Wellbeing can benefit your primary school young people, we invite you to message us for a no-obligation meeting. Together, as Warriors of Wellbeing, let's embark on a transformative journey that will make a lasting impact on the social-emotional well-being and personal development of your students.