by Daryl.C on November 24th, 2019

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November 20th was our day to promote and celebrate InPower and what we have done, fortunately for us the Small Business Bus tour was 10 minutes down the road so we got to  be interviewed that day by Pete of Small business and spend the day on the Bus... read more below   Small Business 100 is a celebration of 100 organizations throughout the United Kingdom that have been selected by the Small Business team. This year we made it as one of the organizations and this was our day to shine :D During the day we were interviewed about what InPower does you can find that interview CLICK HERE also, I was joined by Neeco Chambers ( our youth leader) and then I got the chance to interview him about his journey through InPower and what he wants to accomplish within the organization this is a must-listen find the interview here CLICK HERE it was fortunate that we got the chance to visit the Bus tour and it was 10 minutes away from where we are located and we got to spend the day on the bus and also engaging with the community   A great honor and has the promotion and attention we have drawn to our vision has been a great help. A lot of companies use this day to promote there services and products but we chose to use this for a different reason during this day we wanted to change the narrative on what we typically see about young people, most of the media attention around young people has been negative as of late which has been mainly involving knife crime and gang crime. But this is not all young people, in fact, it is not most young people. So during our Small business day, we have chosen to promote the great things young people that have been involved in our organization's activities   All of our young people will have there own post page and join us in celebrating the great they are doing
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