Daryl Chambers

founder and CEO of InPower Academy CIC

Daryl Chambers is the founder of InPower Academy CIC, he founded the organisation in 2012 with a desire from his own experience to improve community cohesion and positively shape the outlook that young people from these communities have on their own personal success. He started Martial arts at 11 years old when his dad took him to him a boxing gym which at first he didn't show an interest in but within an amount of time he fell in love with the sport and what it could offer him

since then Daryl has tried various different martial arts including

  • Boxing - M.M.A - Wrestling - Shotokan Karate - Fencing - Capoeira
    through martial arts, Daryl cultivated a mindset and drive that gave him life values that still impact all aspects of his life today

    Daryl is the founder but you will see him integrated into all parts of the business from mentoring to delivering workshops