Neeco Chambers

Detatched youth Worker

Neeco Chambers ( another Chambers YES ) but no relation to Daryl and Duane Neeco is the lead on our secondary school early intervention programme the Unbreakables. What makes Neeco such a role model for others isn't his unique talent of communicating some of the more complex parts of the mind and psychology to young people but also because Neeco knows firsthand how impactful The Unbreakables can be. Neeco's journey can be seen on the case study page but to summarise, Neeco in year 11 was on the Unbreakable programme after making decisions and choices that were not conducive to a positive future in life, for this reason, Neeco was put onto the Unbreakable programme and this helped shape his outlook on life and made decisions that helped him achieve both in school and out

Neeco is the lead on The Unbreakables and when isn't delivering he runs a music organisation called Beatz Base which produces music beats and he also records music