Uzair Kahn- #SmallBiz100

by Daryl.C on November 25th, 2019

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Our next Local young leader\Hero has wrote a bio of his own story and background such a young driven young person read below and comment , like and share please it means a lot to the young people

Hi, I am ⭐⭐Uzair Khan⭐⭐. Currently a sixthform student studying graphic design & business. As someone who emigrated to the UK from Pakistan at a young age; I am deeply aware of the importance of communication and how comforting it is to see something familiar in an unfamiliar place. I faced various barriers that impacted on my progression and settlement in the UK, the most important of which was needing to learn English, I did not let anything stop me from achieving my goals.

Beside my education I run an online business, which helps maintain my daily living cost & I also work part time to prepare my self for the world of work. Additionally, through my video content on YouTube & Instagram I have gained a huge amount of following which also contributes to my living cost & it makes people smile.

The reason why I have opened up these barriers for my self, so I can be independent, live a good life & provide for my family.

Oh, wait next year I will be joining university to pursue my desired career.

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