We are amongst the top 100 social enterprises

by Daryl.C on May 20th, 2020

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SE100 InPower Academy CIC

We have made it onto a list of the top 100 social enterprises within the United Kingdom. At the time of writing it is still a shock that we could receive and be awarded such a feat. To make it onto this list amongst so many world-changing social enterprises is astounding.

The list was chosen by Natwest and The Pioneers Post who looked at organisations based on impact, structure and overall strategy and again I'm so happy to say we are one of those organisations  

As mentioned, there are numerous ( 99 to be exact) other social enterprises who are doing incredible things within the space and I would recommend you check them out by clicking HERE. 

Still, to put it all into perspective, to be apart of a list of just 100 social enterprises is an amazing feat and it isn't lost on myself and the team who are only just starting to find our feet. So, stay tuned for the future we promise it's going to be a journey of impact and positive experiences 

Thank you supporters

Thank you, volunteers 

Thank you Team 

Thank you to all collaborators 

Thank you Pioneers Post and Natwest for selecting us 

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