Black Lives Matter Official press release

by Daryl.C on June 11th, 2020

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InPower Academy CIC is a company that strives for equality and empowerment regardless of race or gender. This is why it is important for us to stand and fight against systemic racism and the historic oppression of Black people around the world.

We, however, are not going to discuss politics and agendas but rather say this is a time to unite as an organisation that has young people from all races that see each other equally. We ask them to stay strong together and know we are all a family and the hope of the movement of black lives matter is that others see the world this way.

We are an organisation that has a workforce and voluntary staff who are over 80% BAME, over 65% of the young people we worked with last year were also BAME. We will continue to strive to work with the black community and deliver sessions that incorporate more understanding of the great individuals that change the world that were black. 

Our final statement is that Black Lives Matter and we hope the whole world understands the reason why that movement is a humanitarian one and not one of politics.

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