Joshua Burke- my Covid-19 experience

by Daryl.C on June 7th, 2020

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During the current coronavirus pandemic and the period of lockdown, I myself have experienced challenges whilst adapting to a new way of life by having so much more additional time on my hands than what I have normally found myself used to.

I have looked into new ways to keep myself mentally and physically stimulated and utilising the additional time on my hands in the best possible way. I have used the time to decorate in around the house with duties such as painting, glossing, varnishing etc whilst becoming more accustomed to various DIY jobs around the house which I have found rewarding on a personal level while also helping to keep me occupied and offering a huge sense of self-satisfaction.

While developing new skills it has allowed me to be more confident to trial new things in future, some things that I may have previously been hesitant to attempt or may have put off or looked at reasons for delaying them rather than getting things done.  I have also used this additional time to reflect on life and build a stronger spiritual connection which is something I feel more content with as it was a huge part of my upbringing

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Whilst going through this experience, I feel it has been helpful being in regular contact with family members or friends to discuss and share similar experiences and use ways overcome issues I may have experienced during this period. I have found having a supportive family network has been a massive help to overcome any barriers or issues I have come across.

I have also found that by having a daily routine and continual structure during this period has been highly beneficial by engaging in daily exercise, reading, daily household duties and parental responsibilities have given me a daily focus and keeping me occupied while trying to make the most of each day. I have felt by looking at new ways to further develop myself as a person and trialling activities such as meditation and visualisation have been highly beneficial on a personal level.

Joshua Burke - Detacthed Youth Worker
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