The Unbreakable’s

The Unbreakable’s Programme was developed so that we can show and not just tell young people that they can achieve, but show them how simple mindset shifts can allow great positive change

The programme is for Ks3 Students and is suitable for both male and female students

We take the warrior approach to it but not just from a physical fitness point of view, but focus on mindset development and take a Eastern philosophical approach

That being said we still have a very physical aspect to the programme, as we have a range of martial art based skills and drills that develop motor skills, exert energy and build on teamwork skills in the group

We also work pad work and have elements of mixed martial arts including

  • Boxing (non-contact) just reactive pad work

  • Wrestling

  • Brazilian Jui Jitsu

All of these are facilitated by level 2 coaches and we have put great effort in designing a programme that will deliver on all of our outcomes for this programme

A key aspect we will reiterate is that it is not a full contact programme, so we minimize risk in these sessions as contact is not the theme of the programme it is more about self-development through the sport

Each session is not strictly in place for just physicality but as mentioned we have a philosophy and a topic behind every session we deliver.

This programme is all about self-discovery, we want them to understand the mental barrier they have placed in front of themselves and what has caused this short-sighted mentality. We also want them to understand various emotions and what triggers them to act in a certain way, rather than just react to situations

We have a talk in a circle at the start of the session about one of our 12 core fundamentals but we know that it can be a deep topic and sometimes they do not want to share out loud,

so bring in the journal

The journal is exactly that, a journal whereby they can document times in and outside the class and also further the topic of discussion. We also have a section which allows them to reflect on successes they achieved in the week, as at times they believe they never achieve anything and we can challenge that assumption

The journal is a personal representation of there journey and is bigger than the weeks we deliver, this programme is for there lives. That being said it is important that it be personal to them unless they agree on certain aspects being shared

For impact reasons, as practitioners or teachers, the only part we have access to is the beginning and the end which we have been granted access to use of the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale which gives a representation of young person resilience and gives a mean score which we measure again at the end to see if there has been a change in regard to the resilience of the individual

the two components of physical and mental wellbeing can together build a young person and help them develop strategies that allow them to know themselves better. They can then work on weakness and build on strengths and by doing so when life throws obstacles at these young people ranging from

  • Exam pressure

  • Peer pressure

  • Family incidents

  • Failure

They will have that inner confidence and be able to say I won’t be BROKE, even though I am down I can rise back up and that is what makes them unbreakable



  • A greater understanding of our own actions. Understanding why we react how we do

  • Understanding why other people could act a certain way

  • Learning to be grateful for what you currently have

  • The real individual power that all of us have and not limiting what you can achieve based on the environment or circumstances

  • Overall improvement in physical terms and the importance nutrition and mindset play when participating in sport

The unbreakable is a 12 Week programme and in regards to delivery we are flexible and a package can be tailored to your school whether you are a Secondary School, Pupil referral unit or a private school

If you require a meeting or an information pack please email

We look forward to hearing from you