Warriors of Wellbeing

Ready for any obstacle

Able to identify both positive and negative emotions and have a clear understanding of there own emotional intelligence

Help others through tasks, and understanding the importance of teamwork

Those are some of the takeaways to our Warriors of Wellbeing

Our Warrior of Wellbeing programme is headed by Toby and Rose who are the representatives of this programme

They are characters who young people can relate to, they have real-life issues and in the warrior journal, they share how they deal with it. Then they ask the young person to share their experiences, thoughts and overall experience of a range of topics

Let us rewind a second before we get carried away

The warrior of Wellbeing programme is designed for young people up to the age of 12 specifically and works great for the education sector. The outcomes coincide with a national drive to

  • Increase the number of young people engaging in physical activity
  • Help young people understand and deal with issues around emotional intelligence thus decreasing mental health issues

We would work alongside the school in order to get the best out of this programme for all involved

The programme can range from the entire school year to 12 weeks we have packages to suit all needs and requirements. But one thing we can guarantee is that the young people that are on this journey will learn a great amount and have fun doing so

Each session is a martial arts themed workshop. It is all non-contact and is a mixture of pad work and techniques of traditional martial arts and also teamwork games. Martial Arts is at the core of what we do and it all comes from the approach we take more so than what we are always covering

We speak on control of the body being just as important as control of our speech. We also speak about the importance of respect at all times if we want to be respected

Great messages, we know, but they have heard that all before so we make sure we don’t just tell them things we actually show them how acting and thinking a certain way will get them performing and operating in there optimal state

As well as the physical activity we also want to develop a positive outlook on mindset and we do this by working through the Warrior Journal

Warrior Journal 

This journal works through 12 weeks of the programme at a time and each week we cover a different topic.

Topics Include

  • Goal Setting
  • Gratitude
  • Anger & Aggression
  • Self-discipline

And much more 😀 ( we can’t give away the whole recipe just yet can we )

Each of these topics is discussed in our roundtable discussion at the start, but in their journals, they will discover how Toby and Rose dealt with the programme and overcame the topic of discussion

Through these talks and actionable tasks, we will see a greater understanding in the emotional intelligence of the young people participating.

Our hope is they will come away from this programme with a greater sense of what there actions can lead to and the need for reflection in order for future development


Toby and Rose

Warrior World

Warrior World brings a new dimension to the programme as rewards are in place for achieving certain weekly tasks or positive words from teachers. This leads to ranking up throughout the Warrior system

This has proven popular for retention and motivation and uses a gamified system to keep children engage and even though the topics we may be discussing are complex and serious at times Toby and rose and the Warrior World system keep an element of fun and excitement with this programme

There is so much more to say and if you are considering this for your school then I urge you to contact us at


Because I know there are elements we left out of this description that you will love and more importantly, leave an overall positive impact on your school

We look forward to hearing from you